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On Our Own

by The Letter You

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    Recorded in the Winter of 2011.

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Summer's here, so let's begin Summer days will never end We are ready for beginnings bring the stereo Sun is shining, we are flying down the highway road Don't know where to go, but we'll blast the radio We just want a song for the summer a one hit wonder to sing We just want a song to remember the nights spent together, it meant to much to me Every year will bring another song to sing Everyday's a Saturday, a Saturday Everyday's a Saturday, a Saturday Every year we take control of our three whole months And every year we keep repeating it's never enough Maybe this year I will find a Summer love, but with friends like these, they're all I need So let's turn the radio up Grab a friend, let's go again Summer romances, no second chances living without fear Staying till midnight, sleeping till sunrise, this will be our year
November (free) 03:35
Do you remember the years we were invincible? And everything turned around our heads Another simple time when we were just fools Have you ever wished we could be back there then? If we could turn to November, If all our dreams burned to embers, If you and I could remember When we both felt alive, that'd be just fine Relive the past when you and time were mine Have you forgotten the days when our hearts were on fire And we were counting the days till we were finally free? Flashback to all those years when our fears and our tears would just disappear We're realizing now what we had is still here One day we will reminisce One day we will remember this
Bite My Tongue (free) 04:13
I made another mistake again, I said some things I should not have said And now you won't pick up my call I was angry, spoke from my head, I should of talked from my heart instead And now I can't reach you at all Everyone knows where you are but me And now that you're gone, I feel so alone I said I was wrong, now won't you come home Everyone deserves a little recognition, you deserve more, you deserve more I called your best friend, your family. No one answered they all hate me Here I am just trying I tried your work, cell, and fax machine, you won't respond to me If I bite my tongue, will you think of me? I would bite my tongue till my tongue would bleed Wait, wait by the phone, wait for your call Wait for your voice on the other side Hate, hate you're not home, hate that you're gone hate that I'm trying and you won't pick up I stayed up all night, to write you this song Hundreds of missed calls do you care at all? I know that you do, I know that you do, I know that you do I made another mistake again I said some things I should not have said They say tomorrow's another day I hope tomorrow we'll be okay
Bare Bones (free) 03:11
Who are you today? You're a different face from yesterday Well, what's the difference anyway, well tell me now Who are you trying to fake? I can see the blasphemy in front of me Don't pretend that you're always this way I won't be your sheep in wolves clothing Well here I am, stripped limb from limb, take another look, cuz I will never be them Searching for something to please your every need I can see your sights are set on me Oh, you seem to be confusing me for somebody I'm not Oh, I will not be your casualty, I've learned my right from wrong I won't be your sheep in wolves clothing Hiding my flaws, keeping my faults to save me from my skin I won't be your sheep in wolves clothing Well here I am, stripped limb from limb, take another look, cuz I will never be them I'm so exposed My flaws are shown I'd rather be, myself with my own life than someone who cannot breathe I can see, You're suffering from misery Well take what you want cuz I'm keeping my own life free
Take Two (free) 03:50
I wanted to find out why you left me in pieces So I tore down these four walls of your letters and pictures Spread them out on my floorboards, recollecting the memories and all of the moments we had It's taking me back I have read every letter, all it does is remind me Stared at each single pictures, tried to remember inside of me What I feel when I'm with you, and just how I am torn up and broken inside when I'm not You're all that I've got Can you see our destiny has come Can you see that I should be the one Honestly, you're the only one I want And it's so incredible that everything that we have Is just a moment of what's yet to come I carved our name on a tree Where everybody can see And from the end to the start I placed our names in a heart I wrote a note on your window that you can read when the wind blows and though it's not very long I think three words are enough Looking back on all the memories and everything that you said to me It felt so true, just me and you Looking back at all our history I've realized how much you mean to me It felt so true, just me and you
Halfway (free) 03:24


Recorded in January 2011


released July 16, 2011

All original music by The Letter You
Produced, Mixed, Engineered by Kyle Black


all rights reserved



The Letter You Las Vegas, Nevada

NV Pop-Punk


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